Outboard Repair and Service (Enumclaw)

Before taking the boat out, a little preventative maintenance goes a long way. The last thing you need is to be stranded on the lake with a defective outboard motor. If it’s been awhile since your outboard has run, we at Power Sports Shop are equipped and ready to provide you with routine service, repairs, and more. If your outboard isn’t running correctly or at all, bring it to us before considering a replacement. All it may need is a little extra attention and a part repaired or replaced. We share your enthusiasm for the outdoors and for boating, and we want you to get the most from your engine.

It’s vital to keep that outboard engine running at peak efficiency so you won’t lose boating time due to stalls or engine failure. We have the expertise, tools, and parts to service, repair, or tune up your small outboard motor (up to 40 horsepower). We are well equipped to do minor tune ups, repairs, and water pump replacements. We can service most outboard motor makes and also offer parts and props as well as working on outboard jet pumps. Our skilled technicians will have you up and running quickly!

If you can carry or wheel it in to our shop, we will work on it! The engine must be off your boat and brought to us at 1713 Garrett Street, Suite 1 in Enumclaw.

We look forward to getting you and your boat back on the water.


Where to find us

PNW Powersports

1713 Garrett Street, Suite 1

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