Motorcycle Tune Ups For the Kent Area


If you have been searching for a well-known company to provide motorcycle tune up in the area of Kent, WA, you have reached the right place. PNW Powersports, LLC offers remarkable motorcycle tune up services to ride owners in the Kent region.

The best time of the year to carry our motorcycle tune up services in the Kent area is during the cold winter months. We have a lot of competitors in the region who provide the exact same services but our motorcycle tune up service have an edge over them.

Our company makes sure to carry our tune up services according to factory specifications. We also render free safety checks as well as a free inspection with every tune up for our Kent customers.

Employ our services, as we are:

  • Thoroughly professional
  • Fairly priced
  • Highly trained experts

Motorcycle, ATV Tune Up, UTV/PWC & Snowmobile Tune Ups


ATV tune up and bike tune up includes a wide variety of services that have to be carried out in the Kent area. The services involved in ATV tune up need to be provided according to the schedule of the manufacturer. In Kent, these services include:

  • Changing or flushing of coolant and brake fluid
  • Inspection of each rubber line
  • Cleaning, lubing, and adjusting of chain

The professionals of ATV tune up that we employ in the Kent region also clean adjusting cables, adjust the TPS, and replace spark plugs as well as air filter elements.

Kent owners have been provided with manufacturer instructions regarding the number and frequency of ATV tune up services. It basically involves inspecting, repairing and replacing parts of the ride, so check your manual.

Ensure all parts of your ride are functioning well before you take it out for a spin.

Tune Ups Are A Start, What Else Needs Inspection?


Our company provides service to repair and inspect the following:

  • Valves
  • Headers
  • Exhaust systems

If you do not want your ride to go haywire, snowmobile tune up in the Kent region is very critical. The frustration one experiences when their ride stops midway is simply too much to bear. Avoid the frustration by hiring us for snowmobile tune up service in the Kent area.

Our technicians that specialize in snowmobile tune up are certified and proficient.

Dial 360-284-4455 to employ our ATV tune up service in the Kent region. PNW Powersports, LLC provides phenomenal snowmobile tune up and motorcycle tune up services.

Dyno Time

PNW Powersports is now accepting appointments for Dyno runs, including tuning, diagnostic as well as good old horse power runs. 

The 250ix Powersports Chassis Dynamometer provides the ultimate in powersports dyno tuning/testing capability. With a 61 inch total drum width, and an extra drum and sliding carriage, the 250ix can handle UTV's, ATV's, Karts, Trikes, and Motorcycles.

Have your motorcycle, quad or 3 wheeler run on our state of the art Dyno. 3 full HP runs with AFR info and suggested tuning (if needed). We will give you a print out and recommendations.

We also offer a discount on future tuning, work and parts needed. Limited time only by appointment and prepaid at time of scheduled appointment (in person or by phone).

Base Package $ 99.00

  • Get four full pulls on our state of the art DynoJet 250ix
  • True Horsepower and Torque reading
  • Air / Fuel ratio
  • Your complete dyno session printed out in an easy to read graph plus, suggestions from our fully trained service technicians on how to improve your bikes performance and drivability. Base Package $99.00


Fuel injection tuning is used with the state-of-the-art Dynojet Eddy Load Dual Drum Dynamometer. For fuel injection tuning this is the way to go! *Carburetor models cost varies ..., sales tax additional.

Fuel Injection
Tuning Sportsbikes $350
ATV's and Dirt Bikes $250
V-Twin Cruisers $395
HP, Torque, Air/Fuel $99


Call or email us to set up appointments in December. Gift Certificates are available in any denomination for those wanting to give a dyno run to their powersport enthusiast for the holidays. For a limited time you can get a $100 gift certificate for only $90.


Where to find us

PNW Powersports

1713 Garrett Street, Suite 1

Enumclaw, WA 98022


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11am to 6pm Tuesday - Friday

9am to 4pm Saturday

Closed Sunday and Monday

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