Motorcycle Tune Ups For the Covington Area


Do you require the services of a reputable company for motorcycle tune ups in Covington, WA? If yes then you have reached the right place, as PNW Powersports, LLC renders elite services in motorcycle tune ups to ride owners living in the Covington region.

Your beloved bike deserves to be tuned up in a place where mechanics understand its worth and value. Therefore, choose us to provide you motorcycle tune ups in the Covington area.

Once our experts serving Covington finish motorcycle tune ups, you can be sure that:

  • The performance of your bike will enhance
  • Life of the bike will be prolonged
  • The pleasure you get from riding it will increase

If you want top action for your mean machine owned, always trust our services to carry out a first class job.

Motorcycle, ATV Tune Up, UTV/PWC & Snowmobile Tune Ups


ATVs tend to be used in rugged terrains, which is why it is critical to get ATV tune ups for your Covington vehicle from time to time. Harsh weather and time take a toll on the vehicle and ATV tune ups of your Covington vehicle makes sure they do not affect its performance in any way.

It is important that you choose the right company for ATV tune ups in the Covington region, as an amateur mechanic could end up damaging an important part. Choose our ATV tune ups experts serving Covington as they:

  • Are very well trained
  • Have cutting edge technology at their disposal
  • Have extensive knowledge of the field

We have provided our experts with top of the line equipment to complete the tune up perfectly in the shortest time. We even provide replacements of parts and maintenance to Covington residents.

Tune Ups Are A Start, What Else Needs Inspection?


Besides changing or flushing coolants, cleaning the engine oil filter and replacing spark plugs and air filter elements, there are other parts to that need to be inspected for snowmobile tune ups in the Covington region. Parts that are inspected by our experts serving Covington during snowmobile tune ups are:

  • Exhaust system
  • Bolts to see if they need tightened
  • Batteries

Our snowmobile tune ups experts also provide performance tuning to Covington residents. Upfront pricing and competitive rates should make our snowmobile tune ups your number one choice.

PNW Powersports, LLC renders outstanding motorcycle tune ups and ATV tune ups to Covington residents. Call 360-284-4455 to talk to our experts in snowmobile tune ups.

Dyno Time

PNW Powersports is now accepting appointments for Dyno runs, including tuning, diagnostic as well as good old horse power runs. 

The 250ix Powersports Chassis Dynamometer provides the ultimate in powersports dyno tuning/testing capability. With a 61 inch total drum width, and an extra drum and sliding carriage, the 250ix can handle UTV's, ATV's, Karts, Trikes, and Motorcycles.

Have your motorcycle, quad or 3 wheeler run on our state of the art Dyno. 3 full HP runs with AFR info and suggested tuning (if needed). We will give you a print out and recommendations.

We also offer a discount on future tuning, work and parts needed. Limited time only by appointment and prepaid at time of scheduled appointment (in person or by phone).

Base Package $ 99.00

  • Get four full pulls on our state of the art DynoJet 250ix
  • True Horsepower and Torque reading
  • Air / Fuel ratio
  • Your complete dyno session printed out in an easy to read graph plus, suggestions from our fully trained service technicians on how to improve your bikes performance and drivability. Base Package $99.00


Fuel injection tuning is used with the state-of-the-art Dynojet Eddy Load Dual Drum Dynamometer. For fuel injection tuning this is the way to go! *Carburetor models cost varies ..., sales tax additional.

Fuel Injection
Tuning Sportsbikes $350
ATV's and Dirt Bikes $250
V-Twin Cruisers $395
HP, Torque, Air/Fuel $99


Call or email us to set up appointments in December. Gift Certificates are available in any denomination for those wanting to give a dyno run to their powersport enthusiast for the holidays. For a limited time you can get a $100 gift certificate for only $90.


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